Charles Saatchi Re-works the Old Beaten Track with Trinny Woodall


Just six weeks after his divorce was finalized with ex-wife, celebrity author and television chef, Nigella Lawson, 53, art tycoon Charles Saatchi, 70, and self-confessed style guru and fashionista, Trinny Woodall, 49, began dating each other and have recently been spotted again, whilst out at Colbert, in Chelsea’s Sloane Square, London.  The change of location from their regular haunt – Saatchi’s favourite Mayfair seafood restaurant – Scott’s, probably came as a bit of a surprise to paparazzi, as Saatchi continues to re-work the beaten track he once trod with ex-wife Lawson, only this time replacing her with Woodall.


The couple did not appear to be concerned with keeping their new relationship under wraps, not even since Saatchi’s public divorce from television chef Nigella Lawson in August, following the much-publicized images in the press that captured Saatchi with his hand in a vice-like grip around his wife’s throat while they dined outside at Scott’s earlier in the year.

watching the world go by

After Saatchi and Woodall’s seventh dinner date in less than a month at Scott’s, a posh eatery that Saatchi favours because he can sit outside and smoke while he eats, the new couple this time chose Chelsea’s Colbert for a drink so they could sit and watch the world go by on their lunchtime date.

A close friend had reportedly revealed to the Daily Mail that the style guru has practically moved in with Saatchi and that she has been staying over a lot at the marital home Saatchi once shared with his ex-wife.  The friend added that while some people might find their relationship “too creepy” and “too soon,” following the Saatchi-Lawson divorce, they continued that Saatchi and Woodall did not care, as they seemed to be so caught up in their new romance.

Friends of Saatchi had also reportedly been trying to get him back out on the dating scene, although it seemed that despite the odd mystery woman snapped with him at his favourite restaurant, he had apparently appeared unenthusiastic at first, until he met Trinny and the pair seemed to hit it off.


By the looks of the press photos, Woodall appeared to be completely absorbed in everything Saatchi had to say, as she seemed to captivate him under her spellbinding gaze.  This seemed to do the trick in encouraging him to open up and continue to reveal even more about himself.

Woodall, who rose to fame with her screen partner, Susannah Constantine from their BBC television show, What Not to Wear and ITV’s Trinny and Susannah Undress, has been reportedly single since her split from a decade-long marriage to billionaire businessman, Johnny Elichaoff, back in 2008.  The Elichaoff and Woodall union sadly began to fall apart at the seams, despite the former couple attending marriage guidance counselling culminating from irreconcilable differences as well as conflicts arising from Woodall’s increasing workload at the time.

With one divorce already in the bag for Woodall and another for Saatchi, there could either be much to talk about or not, over the dinner table, with notes to compare on their previous relationships, although there was certainly nothing else to keep Lawson in the country on the receipt of her decree nisi.  The luscious and unashamedly voluptuous domestic goddess jetted off to Los Angeles for a well-deserved summer break with her offspring, whilst also taking some time to shoot her new television show.  Lawson is back in London now, as confirmed by one of her tweets, which bore some utterance about diving into some delicious sounding roast chicken.

Some relationships were meant to last, while others’ were there perhaps for a period of learning.  Has Trinny Woodall not taken into account the glaring evidence relating to the lengths to which Charles Saatchi will go?  If she has learned anything by Saatchi’s track record, she does not seem fazed in the slightest.  In fact, some might even say that Woodall could be attracted to potential trouble.

Whatever the lessons learnt, here’s hoping that this time around everybody finds some degree of happiness and can finally move on.  But strangely enough in this case, as a mere observer, without being able to put my finger on it and hoping that I am wrong, I’m not really getting that sense of a match made in heaven.

Written by: Brucella Newman


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