So Much for Continuity…

It’s February 2012, folks! So much for continuity!  And what a year it has been so far… January was a month fraught with illness and Winter bugs… lovely. But it has also been a time of regeneration. The flat has has a facelift and looks great. New flooring, furniture, painted walls, picture hangings, still working on it, just needed a bit of a breather whilst actively seeking further employment.

The temp post concluded in November last year, which afforded me the time for refurbishment. Finally. No longer do I reside in a home that could be mistaken for student digs and no longer do my walls resemble the Greek taverna look – tres fetching… not.

I have smooth hallway walls! You have no idea how painful it was to brush past something every day, for ten years, that looked like what could only be described as the residue from The Battle of Oatmeal on my walls.  Yes, folks, I’m talking about magnolia woodchip. It should be outlawed.

But now they are smooth as a baby’s bottom and brilliant white.


I made a business decision with an old friend I have known since we were ten. She’s a filmmaker. We decided to stop procrastinating and get writing.  So we have created our first screenplay together.  Well, it’s not actually her first. Just ours. Together. And at least I have been writing, even if it was not on this site. Just under 100 scenes.  What a discipline. But how wonderful to be able to create a story with characters from scratch… with vivid personalities that come through the writing. On many occasions, we have ended up in stitches on Skype as we created various scenarios in our heads and played them out loud together.  The treatment is done and so are the scene index cards. Now all that remains is the writing out of the scenes and dialogue. We plan to turn it into a book.  Writing with various actors in mind also helps.

For almost a year now I have gone back to acting. I first studied the Method over twenty years ago. I have been taking lessons again on a weekly basis and I believe this has helped with the development of the screenplay. Well, that and the fact that I have both studied and taught film for several years and that I have always been passionate about film.  Likely the contributory factors here. Duh.

I had a great class tonight, but I can’t wait to get back to working on the script on Monday.

Will keep you posted.

I’m tired. Need to hit the hay and stretch out my poor aching muscles.


Until we meet again…