What Does Neptune in Pisces Mean Until 2025?







What Does Neptune in Pisces Mean Until 2025?.

Just wanted to share this very interesting link…


Eight months……

Eight months… EIGHT MONTHS it has taken me to convey the exact same message AGAIN… that I will be blogging regularly from now on…
So much has happened in the interim, though, that has left me so ready to steer clear of PCs and laptops since a great deal of my day job involves its constant use.
Screen glare; locked, stiff fingers; headache… the list could go on.  However, I seem to have better adjusted to using computers over longer periods of time. Either that or I’ve been sitting correctly at a desk for once and not hunching, Quasimodo-like over my home laptop as regularly as I used to, whilst previously job hunting.
Whatever the case, I’m back and cannot let another eight months go by without another entry. It’s been niggling at me for too long and now it’s time to do something about it.
So here I am…
What I’ll writing about is anybody’s guess, including mine… at least I have a month to think about the NaNoWriMo…

I’m Posting every week in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now. I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.